The guitar in verse

Toni Cotolí, Isabel Montoro

Music and poetry walk hand in hand on an emotional journey that leaves no one indifferent. Toni Cotolí’s guitar and Isabel Montoro’s voice have fused music and verse since 2013 in a show full of art and sensitivity.

The musical journey ranges from classical guitar to flamenco, through the most memorable pieces of international Rock. All this accompanied by a virtuous and carefully chosen poetry. The verses of Benedetti, Estellés and Gioconda Belli share a score with the everlasting Lorca, Machado and Miguel Hernández.

An exceptional opportunity to immerse ourselves in the guitar-poetry pairing and enjoy the pleasure of the senses through the power of words. In addition, this show sometimes includes Gloria Aleza on cello and Javier Zamora on flamenco guitar. These artists bring elegance and strength to a poetic evening in which emotion is assured. It is art and magic in its purest form.