The guitar: instrument evolution through time and its music

Toni Cotolí

The main objective of this Pedagogical Concert is to make both primary and secondary school students aware of the guitar as an instrument in order to understand its music and different varying styles.

For this educational concert four different guitars are used: A romantic copy of a guitar from the year 1837 approx. Another  from French luthier René-François Lacôte, a Spanish guitar replica of a design by maestro Antonio de Torres, a flamenco guitar and a electric guitar, Jackson Professional Archtop model.

With each one of the parts, different styles and rhythms are interpreted, starting with the journey in the Classicism of Luigi Legnani, going through the Spanish Music of Albéniz and Tárrega or the Flamenco with Soleá, Verdiales, Fandango de Huelva, Rumba and Guajira and then end with the Rock of Santana and Blues in the style of Rory Gallagher. All the music that is performed will be remembered by its form, style and interpretative criteria. Memories that will be complemented with explanations about the construction and evolution of the guitar over the centuries.