Tardeo flamenco

Javier Zamora, Toní Cotolí, Irene de la Rosa & Gloria Aleza

The guitarist Toni Cotolí is accompanied by the cellist Gloria Aleza with the choreography of the dancer Irene de la Rosa and the flamenco guitar by Javier Zamora offer us this fusion of styles and aesthetics that, being so different to each other, create a contrast of high and low points, with a varied repertoire that encompasses both classical, contemporary and flamenco music.

In the first part of the show, which has a more classic character, Toní Cotolí and Gloria Aleza perform pieces by Óscar Herrero, Baden Powell, Agustín Barrios, Joe Hisaishi and Luis Nuño catching the viewer in a network of music and dance of which they won´t want to leave.

During the second part, the duo Guitarras del Mediterráneo with Gloria Aleza and Irene de la Rosa will give a flamenco twist to the show composed of pieces by Astor Piazzolla, Esteban de Sanlúcar and Javier Zamora himself.

An Inspired show accompanied by the excellent choreography of dancer Irene de la Rosa. Art, taste, elegance, subtlety and magic without neglecting the element of flamenco packed full of energy.