Social responsability

Committed to art, culture and society

The artists that make up Mediterranean Guitar have been thrilling the public for a long time. In addition, we work every day to improve our environment through the most powerful tools we know: art and culture. We firmly believe in the real power of music and performing arts to raise awareness and empower people, as well as in their ability to dynamise and structure any society. In short, art and culture transform us individually and collectively.

For all these reasons, as artists, we believe that our commitment to culture and society must be respected. Therefore, our corporate social responsibility  translates into collaborations with non-profit organisations of various kinds that work to convert society into a fairer and more equitable society, striving to achieve, in short, a society in which it is worth living.

We have collaborated, among others, with the Local Board of Carlet and Sueca of the Spanish Association against Cancer (AECC), Ronald McDonald Foundation of Valencia, Valencian Society for the Protection of Animals and Plants (SVPAP), Manos Unidas and the Redemptoris Missionary Seminar Mater in Pretoria.