Rock Road trio educational concert

Toni Cotolí, Eva Dinora & Gloria Aleza

ROCK road trio offers a educational concert aimed at the whole family. It is an innovative event that deals with musical masterpieces with the pedagogical objective of demonstrating to children and adults the abilities and values of music.

The trio formed by the Valencian musicians Toni Cotolí (guitar), Gloria Aleza (cello) and Eva Dinora (voice) merge their classical instruments with rock music offering a dynamic and entertaining concert aimed at all types of audiences and performing a select compilation of classics ,from mythical groups  such as Queen, Scorpions and Metallica as well as modern bands such as Passenger and Muse.

The experience is original and innovative and combines the fusion of classical instruments in a tour of legendary works of the modern era and that is also complemented by an exhibition of the different technical and interpretative characteristics of the instruments, as well as its evolution.  They offer with a comprehensive language for all audiences and in particular for young people since the main objective of it all l is that together, we can discover the values and capabilities of music in early childhood education.