Ricardo Gallén Course of Guitar and Physiotherapy

Ricardo Gallén, Joaquín Mollá, Mercedes Cotolí & Toni Cotolí

The Ricardo Gallén Course of Guitar and Physiotherapy was started in 2009 with the intention of playing the guitar not only from the technical point of view but also from a well being point of view, providing the musician with the necessary instruments to learn to control and work his muscles in order to avoid injuries and then correct them by means of specific rehabilitation  therapies.

It is taught by guitarists Ricardo Gallén and Toni Cotolí, on whom the technical and musical interpretation part depends, and by Joaquín Mollá and Mercedes Cotolí from the «Sanat Fisioterapeutas» centre who provide physio-sanitary support by providing their ergonomic and postural vision to teach the student to achieve a more appropriate and natural musical performance.

During the course, workshops are held in which different mechanisms of the guitar technique are used to complement the individual lessons of the instrument, always from an experimental point of view and play with many different possibilities. The physiotherapists Joaquín Mollá and Mercedes Cotolí are in charge of teaching the module «Warming up and stretching for the musician» and they also do «Pilates for musicians».