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Guitarras del Mediterráneo

Classical and flamenco guitar: a new sound which born from the fusion of two different complementary styles.

Empieza el llanto de la guitarra

A combination of arts and styles that unite the classical guitar with an Andalusian flavor and flamenco dancing with an essence of ballet.

Flamenco guitar concert

En este concierto, Javier Zamora será capaz de atraparnos gracias a un extraordinario repertorio de gran valor artístico.

Guitarras del Mediterráneo with Irene de la Rosa

In this show ballet, contemporary, spanish and flamenco dance, come together with the different rhythms and styles.

Tardeo flamenco

Fusion concert of styles and aesthetics with a varied repertoire that encompasses both classical, contemporary and flamenco music.

Javier Zamora Flamenco Quartet

Spectacular concert of flamenco music and dance made up of top-level musicians.

Classical guitar concert

Guitarist Toni Cotolí is considered one of the references of the contemporary guitar and offers us a varied and rich concert in variation.

Cello and guitar duo

Offers a wide and varied repertoire that goes from folklore to classical music including old music, tangos, popular songs and rock covers.

Aranjuez concert

One of the best-known compositions by the Valencian composer Joaquín Rodrigo with it being one of the most performed concerts for guitar and orchestra worldwide.

Songs & Poems by Federico García Lorca

New show that brings together a sung voice and a voice narrated under the guiding thread of the Spanish guitar

The guitar in verse

An exceptional opportunity to enjoy the pleasure of the senses through the power of words.

Rock Road trio

New show: a dynamic and attractive concert offering a varied repertoire of classic rock hits.

Rock Road duo

Rock and heavy in its most intimate state with the singer Eva Dinora and guitarist Toni Cotolí.

The guitar: instrument evolution through time and its music

To make both primary and secondary school students aware of the guitar as an instrument in order to understand its music and different varying styles.

Rock Road trio educational concert

Educational concert aimed at the whole family which combines the fusion of classical instruments in a tour of legendary works of the modern era.

Cultural Association Activities

The Cultural Association of strings and hands of the guitar and physiotherapy is formed by a group of people who love music.

Ricardo Gallén Course of Guitar and Physiotherapy

The course intention of playing the guitar not only from the technical point of view but also from a well being point of view.


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