Javier Zamora Flamenco Quartet

Manuel Quintero, José Luis Porras, Marta Sol & Javier Zamora

Hand in hand with Javier Zamora, Mediterranean guitar offers the  Javier Zamora Flamenco Quartet who offer us a spectacular of flamenco music and dance made up of top-level musicians.

In this concert, Javier Zamora’s flamenco guitar is accompanied by Manuel Quintero, an outstanding percussionist, musician bursting with art and great sensitivity, and by José Luis Porras, a renowned Jazz double bass player , who masters with complete solvency the language and structures of Flemenco music. The show is completed by dancer Marta Sol, an artist full of passion and feeling, with extensive experience both in theatres such as, “El Corral de la Morería” in Madrid, as well as in renowned dance companies such as Antonio Canales, who offers great visual and energetic impact throughout the entire show.

Word of Guitar is the name under which Javier Zamora collects a series of novel compositions following the line of the Mediterranean Flamenco style acquired years ago when recording “Aire del Mediterráneo”.  Accompanying him for this show is Manuel Quintero, José Luis Porras and Marta Sol.

This concert-show lasts approximately one hour. Sixty magical minutes during which these four great artists, accomplices and friends, will try, as Javier himself says, “for the Duende to arise”. Whether it appears or not, what is guaranteed is the enjoyment and emotion with which they indulge and which will surely leave the viewer with unforgettable memories to take away.