Javier Zamora


Javier Zamora is considered one of the most important flamenco guitars in the Valencian Community.

A student of the school of Juan «El Chufa-hijo», he studied at the Royal Conservatory of Music of Madrid and has done different courses with professionals of the likes of Andrés Batista, Paco Peña, Gerardo Nuñez, Oscar Herrero, Juan Gómez «Chicuelo» and Rafael Riqueni.

He gave his first recital of Flamenco Guitar at the early age of sixteen. In 2001 he founded the musical group «Javier Zamora Quarteto» and in 2005, together with classical guitarist Toni Cotolí, the duo «Guitarras del Mediterráneo» conceived a new sound that combines flamenco guitar with classical guitar. In 2006 he created the music for the show Memories of the Skin choreographed and directed by Marta Sol. The following year, in 2007, he composed and recorded the flamenco part of the documentary 40 years BSO and one day under the direction of the director Salvador Dolç , later participating in the film Shadows in the distance, starring Andrea Bruschi, where he also includes his musical creations in the soundtrack.

Throughout his long professional and artistic life he has recieved many prizes, among which we should highlight the third National Flamenco Guitar Competition Prize «Ramón de Algeciras» in Madrid in 1991 and second prize in the same contest the following year. He has also been a Finalist in the National Flamenco Guitar Competition of Cante de las Minas in La Unión (Murcia) in 1995 and the Prize for the Dissemination of the Guitar V Guitar Days «Ciudad de Denia» (Alicante) in 2009.