Guitarras del Mediterráneo

Toni Cotolí & Javier Zamora

Guitarras del Mediterráneo was born in 2005 when two Valencian guitarists came together in Japan to offer their art. Javier Zamora (flamenco guitar) and Toni Cotolí (classical guitar) joined their mastery together in a show to offer their own particular vision of musical expression through the Spanish guitar.

In 2007 they recorded «Entre Amigos», their debut album, an album that combines classical and flamenco guitars creating a new sound that is born from the fusion of two different complementary styles.

The repertoire offered by Guitarras del Mediterráneo includes classical and flamenco songs in delighting us with pieces such as «Asturias» by Isaac Albéniz, «Verano Porteño» by Astor Piazzolla, «Panaderos flamencos» by Esteban de Sanlúcar, «Ímpetu» by Mario Escudero and even «Aires Serranos» (Zapateado) by Javier Zamora himself, pieces all filled with the passion and feeling with which they are able to reach our soul.

This duo have performed in places as diverse as Frankfurt (Germany), Los Angeles (USA), the Cervantes Institute in Manchester (England) and in multiple stages accross the Valencian commnities, all of them receiving huge applause from an audience and unforgettable nights.